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Celebration of “Foundation Day”

It was a journey of enthusiasm and steady effort which has brought Sacred Heart Sen.Sec. School,Jalalpur to this platform where it is serving the nation in the best way by imparting education and giving hands to the development of nation.It was founded on 21st November 2020 and since then it has kept producing bright students by discovering and shaping their innate talent. Sacred Heartians celebrated the completion of 20 glorious years of Excellence as “Foundation day”with great enthusiasm. Honorable Managing Director of the School Mr.J.P.S.Jolly,Deputy Managing Director  Mrs.Satinder Jolly along with the Headmistress Mrs.Divya Mehta, Teachers and students went to Gurudwara Sahib of  village Jalalpur to bring “Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji”  to do prakash of Shri Guru Granth Sahib ji at School with proper rituals. After “Parkash Utsav”the Programme  started with recital of Path Shri Japji Sahib followed by a vocal melodious shabad kirtan under the patronage of holy book “ Guru Granth Sahib ji” then after the performing Ardaas, Guru Ka langar was served in the Activity Hall. Respectable & honourable Managing Director, Deputy  Managing Director and the Headmistress of the school blessed the students and shared a glimpse from the life of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. Serenity floated in the air with the holy hymns. All the teachers and staff member wished for the horizon of school and promised to collaborate their effort for the glorification of school’s image. The programme was ended by pious gaiety.